• CIMPAL Manufacturing has played a behind the scenes role in the manufacture of every Pentium Chip ever produced. CIMPAL Manufacturing controls the production of quality cables for equipment that is used to manufacture Pentium Chips.

  • A worldwide manufacturer of memory chips uses CIMPAL Manufacturing and Accounting to track the costs in each step of the chip manufacturing process.

  • A multi-plant paper converter and producer of laminated poly-film cardboard uses CIMPAL Manufacturing and Accounting to unroll very large rolls of paper, cut the paper to smaller sizes, laminate it, reroll the paper into smaller rolls and then ship them to customers. Industry standard bar codes are used to identify incoming and outgoing material. CIMPAL not only does this customer's MRP but makes them more profitable by tracking how much paper on the left over rolls is available for use on other jobs. CIMPAL also easily handles converting costs between different systems of measurement. Paper is bought by the roll but after conversion, sold by the square foot or by weight. CIMPAL further contributes to the bottom line by taking into account the effect of adsorbed humidity on the weight of the paper to be sold.

  • Coordinating between plants is easy. CIMPAL is used to control operations between different plants by a multi-plant fiber optic cable manufacturer who is a worldwide supplier to the telephone industry . "What If" cost scenerios take into account different cable designs and industry specific issues such as cable leader length.

  • Lot control is a central element. A producer of medical equipment uses CIMPAL Manufacturing in an environment where lot control is key to meeting strict FDA standards.

  • CIMPAL Manufacturing and Accounting is used by manufacturers that are ISO9000 certified.

  • One of CIMPAC's most renowned clients was the primary founder of the INTERNET .

  • CIMPAC was one of ORACLE's first VARS in 1985 .

  • CIMPAC handles kitting many similar but slightly different parts with ease. A national marketing company uses CIMPAL to assemble and ship kits for in-store demonstrations and supplying coupons for in-store coupon machines, country wide.

  • CIMPAL is an open system, integratation is straight forward. Many of CIMPAC's customers integrate CIMPAL with their existing computer systems such as CAD, corporate wide management systems and existing process control systems.
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