------------ CIMPAC, Inc.

CIMPAC, Incorporated is a Manufacturing / Consulting and Systems Development firm that was founded in 1985 by Len Clarke, the company's President. CIMPAC's aim, from the start, has been to provide the small to mid-sized manufacturer with comprehensive, cost-effective "Computer-Integrated Manufacturing" systems. Systems that are "tailored" to meet each customer's most critical and unique operational needs.

CIMPAL(TM) - Software Products

CIMPAC's CIMPAL software represents a modular family of powerful, fully integrated applications that provide complete manufacturing and financial solutions. Both graphic interface (GUI) and character based systems are available. Systems can be configured to provide both GUI and character based interfaces.

CIMPAL users receive time-proven, high quality functionality that is built upon the ORACLE Relational Database Management System, (RDBMS). As CIMPAL will run on any platform that ORACLE runs on, users gain great flexibility in choosing from a wide range of computing environments the one(s) that will best meet their current and future needs. Systems can be configured for mainframe, mini or PC hardware. CIMPAL now also runs on windows NT.

CIMPAL's standardized menu structure and consistent screen formatting help to make user training and data entry intuitive and easy to learn. In addition, automatic lookup capabilities and report generator functionality significantly enhance user productivity.

Consulting Support Services

Our experienced consulting and technical support personnel can provide operations consulting, project management, training and hands-on implementation assistance.

From operational reviews to determine how your business is run, to CIMPAL customization, systems modification, installation, data conversion, user training and post implementation audits, we work closely with our customers to assure a complete and successful solution.

Maintenance Support Services

Long after the initial installation is complete we continue to work closely with our customers. Our commitment to their success continues as their businesses grow and their operational needs change. With our on-line technical support and annual maintenance and system modification agreements, our customers are assured of continued and ongoing quality support.

Customer Commitment

Our focus is to provide our customers with a Total Solution that is tailored properly to meet their current and future business needs. We accomplish this by working closely with them to make sure that we understand their operations. From electronic instrumentation manufacturers, to medical suppliers, paper goods companies and semiconductor manufacturers, the best testimonials to our success and commitment come from our installed customer base.

Strategic Marketing Relationships

As one of Oracle's first VARS, (Value Added Resellers), we have a proven track record of staying on the leading edge of technology. Our ongoing system developer relationships with DEC, HP, IBM, SUN and other leading hardware and PC Network suppliers assure our users that CIMPAC will continue to take advantage of emerging technologies and thus be the most cost effective solution for today and tomorrow.

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